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svn: E155007: '/root/svn/mercury' is not a working copy

Upon attempting to upgrade to 8.2.1, my AMP server bombed out during the install.  The error I recieve is "svn: E155007: '/root/svn/mercury' is not a working copy".  I am not able to restart the upgrade and the ./amp-install does not work.  Recommended next step?

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Re: svn: E155007: '/root/svn/mercury' is not a working copy

Was the upgrade complete? I think at a certain version it changes to /root/bin/mercury or something similar. I came across it as well but my upgrade was complete. If the upgrade is complete, airwave asks to upgrade the kernels and gives you the command. You have to copy and paste it in notepad, remove the spaces and run it. After that, a full reboot fixes everything.

Re: svn: E155007: '/root/svn/mercury' is not a working copy

From which version are you trying to upgrade the server to AMP 8.2.1? In AMP 8.2.x code, we have moved from /root/svn/mercury to /root/git/mercury directory.


During upgrade, it will be migrated to new directory, if server upgrade aborted then we have to look in to upgrade.log which we could find in /var/log/upgrade directory. please collect the log and open TAC ticket.


If server upgraded sucessfully, we could ignore this message.

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