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Re: upgrade from airwave 8.2.4 t

Hi, Could you please tell me how did you download Airwave? 
Aruba support team itself needs some support and training. They are clueless and have no idea about Aruba software.

@funscott wrote:

am i doing somthing daft? since the CLI has been removed a simple proccess now makes my life difficult. bring back CLI ...


anyway I used Bitvise to upload firmware and i can see it uploaded without issue. when i press menu option 7 (upgrade) i press option 1 (update airwave) I am then asked for AMP version. I type (assume it should then look for the local tar.gz file like it used to do)

 i then press enter and it kicks me back to the menu. pic attached


ps this is a Dell airwave



Re: upgrade from airwave 8.2.4 t

Dell AirWave requires a patch.  The upgrade script is looking for the wrong file (it was fixed in 8.2.5).  PM me your contact info and I'll get one of my colleagues to get in contact w/ you.

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Re: upgrade from airwave 8.2.4 t



Will does script problem affect the Alcatel version of AirWave as well?

I'm running an Alcatel OV3600 AirManager on 8.2.4, and trying to upgrade to or 8.2.5, but the exact same problem occur.


I have transferred the file using bitvise and i can see the files on the server, but the installation will not start


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Re: upgrade from airwave 8.2.4 t

You need to contact your supplier and get aruba support to get a session setup, as it’s a bug and needs root access (which you don’t have with 8.2.4) to move the file to the correct location before the upgrade can be run. after you are upgraded to a later version you cna then do following upgrades on your own.