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wlanESSID not-accessible

Hi, I'm trying to get this objects in order to graph them in Cacti, but I can't get access.




I need to graph NumStations per SSID, I can get the second object but not having luck with the first one.


Is it there any way to get that objects? Why are they not-accessible?


P.S. : Tried versions:

  • AOS-W (Model: OAW-4304) v.
  • AOS-W (Model: OAW-4550) v.



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Re: wlanESSID not-accessible

I am precisely with the same problem, I want the ESSID and the number of connected stations...

Curious, if I select "Table View" in the Mib Browser, on  wlsxWlanESSIDEntry, it shows the ESSID of WLANs...


Any tip?

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