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Problem Airwave licensing and iap 205,305


I have airwave server, in the licensing feature i can read "max device count 255" and "Approuved devices 254" What can i understand ? 1 licence avalaible ? or nothing.

My server version is Airwave 8.2.5.

Second issue : I have a cluster with iap 205 firmware, i would add iap 305. All the network configuration is good. I see the iap on the good vlan, but i can't find this iap on airwave.

Have you an idea ? Please help.

Thank you


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Re: Problem Airwave licensing and iap 205,305



AirWave: Max. Device Count = number of licenses

Approved Devices = devices using a license, hence you have one free device license left.


IAP cluster: For the 305 to join an exsisting IAP cluster using different AP models, you need to verify that the AP is running same software version, so it sounds like you have a version mismatch. If you have same AP type, the new AP will download software from one of its peers.


Let me know of it goes.