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Upgrade Cluster Airwave : How it works ?

Hello all,


I would understand how the upgrade with airwave work?

All the cluster is down ? or the upgrade is one per one ?

The wifi network continues to work ? there are a roaming to ensure the continuity ? 

I have 30 IAP per cluster, how long do you think it take ?


Thank you,





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Re: Upgrade Cluster Airwave : How it works ?

There is no intelligence there to keep the network alive while upgrading. Without Airwave you upgrade from the Cluster GUI and each IAP downloads the firmware and reboots once that is done. It's the same for Airwave pushing firmware to IA.

So you will have isolated IAP's that are up, but you can't controll the sequence.


30 IAP upgrade will not take long, but that depends on the IAP model (fast or slow to reboot) and how many downloads the firmware at the same time. First time you do it make sure you have a nice windows of 1 hour, and clock the upgrade from there ;)

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Re: Upgrade Cluster Airwave : How it works ?

I understand now :)


Thanks you for you're quickly reply !






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