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Government: Meru <-> Aruba interoperability?



We are working with a prospect in a municipality where there currently is a large installation of Meru equipment. This equipment is starting to become outdated and thus the need for potential replacement.

The one critical challenge is to ensure that any new equipment from another vendor will fully/seamlessly interoperate with the existing installed base.


Does anyone happen to have any case-study, reference, issue, gotchas, etc observed in Aruba <=> Meru?


Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Government: Meru <-> Aruba interoperability?

Here are some interop issues to consider:


  • Given that Meru APs are on a single channel, you could allocate a channel or band (2.4 GHz-only for example) to the Meru APs, then have the Aruba ARM settings select all channels except those that would interfere with the Meru APs.
  • So this would require some basic frequency planning, but it not an unrealistic approach.
  • The main challenge with this will be if there is contiguous RF between the Meru system and the Aruba system, there is nothing to prevent the clients from hopping off between the vendors. This could cause drops or delays as there are repeat authentication exchanges, etc. and would not be seamless roaming between the two systems.

I will forward this thread internally to check for any real-world use cases or examples.




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Re: Government: Meru <-> Aruba interoperability?

Thanks for your feedback Shashi.


Please let me know if you succeed in finding any case studies from deployed scenarios.

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