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AP-175 Documentation

Does anyone have any experience with point-to-point wireless and the AP-175's? We wanted to poke around the console before trying to connect to Aruba but we did not have a male to male (USB-a to a) cable lying around. We also cannot find any docs regarding consoling into these. We were curious if (besides the LED's on top) the console would give us any real time signal data to aid in the alignment of the point-to-point setup?

Angela Hollman
Asst Dir of Networking
Univ of Nebr at Kearney

AP-175 is a thin AP

Keep in mind that the AP-175 is a thin access point, designed to work inconjunction with the Aruba controller.

That is to say that the AP-175 runs the same ArubaOS (AOS) as the other thin Aruba access points. (Indoor ones...) APs running the operating system are by-in-large designed to be monitored from the centralized management interface that the Aruba controller provides, rather than have a lot of functionality in 'standalone mode'

Both the Aruba controllers Command Line Interface (CLI) and the WebUI would be very useful to aid in antenna alignment. The LEDs on the AP itself will also help in that regard. Each 'lit' LED indicating 25% signal has been achieved: