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AP70 mesh point - upgrading status


I just upgraded from ArubaOS to After the upgrade my only mesh point get stucked at "Upgrading" status. It is a AP70.

There isnt any problems with my Mesh portal (also a AP70).

Should I just wait? Is the MP stucked in somekind of a loop?
Ive got alot of problems with this MP before, everytime i restart the controller, it goes down. Sometimes it gets up again, sometimes i have to manually restart it and sometimes i have to purge it.

EDIT: And now its down... After been "upgrading" for 40 min. It has been down for 10 min now.

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Re: AP70 mesh point - upgrading status

As the EDIT says, the Mesh Point is down and not upgrading anymore.

I tried to reboot the Mesh Portal, without any luck.

Guess I have to do the usual, drive out there and manually reboot / purge it...

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