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Band Shift

Hey guys,

I'm shifting bands in a mesh cluster, I mean I like to change the backhaul band from 2.4 and 5 GHz.

However, for APs that have been already deployed the band doesn't change, how can I force them to do it, as I don't want them to be offline after a reprovision of all them, because as you can assume APs are not so accesible
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Hey guys,

To do reprovisioning of a mesh cluster in order to shift bands do the following.

1. Change band in the Mesh Cluster Profile
2. Go to AP Installation and reprovision APs beggining from the last mesh point in the cluster to the nearest point to the Mesh Portal finishing with reprovisioning of the portal clicking on Apply and reboot button (doesn't matter if you don't change any configuration).

Reprovisioning of Mesh Points and Portals might take a while, so be patient, and as soon as the portal boots up in the new band all of the APs might start working.

Re: Band Shift

The APs on the far side of the hops should get the new config before the AP changes, but if not, they should come back on the recovery profile and get a new config. It might take longer than usual, but so long as you don't change the physical controller used and don't re-provision the APs, you should be fine.
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