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Mesh Portal Down, how long Mesh Points are waiting ?

Hi there,

regarding the setting "retry count, which is set to 15" on our controller, imagine you have 2 portals and 2 meshpoints.

2 meshpoints are connected to 1portal, this portal going down and one of the points which is nearer to the backup portal connects there and all is fine. the other point stays just down cause he cant reach the backup portal due location is too far (that was just planned, the second portal isnt a real backup portal).

while self-healing is a topic , and those 15 retry of the non-connecting meshpoint are already for sure reached what happens then?

the last times it just self-healed, but durated approx 1-2hours until the second point came back. i just dont want to disconnect, manually reboot or something cause i like this centralized aspect.

EDIT: the second point is down for approx 1-2weeks i think , it's just not that important, the portal where it normally connects had just a network loss for approx the same time of 1-2 weeks.

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Re: Mesh Portal Down, how long Mesh Points are waiting ?

What retry parameter did you modify?

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Re: Mesh Portal Down, how long Mesh Points are waiting ?

Mesh Radio Profile , Retry Limit , i set to 15 instead of default 4

isnt that the Setting for MeshPortal/Point Connect, e.g. after 15times e.g. it reboots or something .

Well the portal is up running for 2 hours, point is still down, will check cable/power laters, perhaps power supply dead, let's see

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