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Msr2k in 2.4Ghz point_to-point deployment issues


We have installed a point to point link with the parametter given in the atachement file.


Then we have tested it in the office, and it works fine.

But when we install the APs and point them one in front the other, the link has not work.

The distance between the two buildings is 700 meters, and the customer have already another point to point 2.4 GHz link.

Can you give us any suggestion to solve this problem please?


Best Regards





Re: Msr2k in 2.4Ghz point_to-point deployment issues

A couple of obvious things to check.


First, for any distance over 500 meters you have to manually set the "distance" parameter on the radio.  I usually go a little longer than the actual distance.  If you are sure the link is 750m, then put in 1000 meters.   This has to be done on both sides.



Second, it is very unusual to mesh in 2.4Ghz due to all the co-channel interference.  As well as the severely reduced EIRP limits in Europe in 2.4GHz relative to 5GHz.  Have you looked at the air with a packet capture utility or spectrum analyzer to ensure that these channels are usable?   


This must also be done on both sides.



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