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Signal Range for ANT-D607 and ANT-D805?


Anyone knows what is the Signal Range for ANT-D607 and ANT-D805?

If we place 1 x D607 on one end and 1 x D805 on the other side, what will be the maximum distance to allow connectivity?

Thanks in advance.


Range is a function of a number of parameters

Time to answer a question with a question (or two ;))

Keep in mind that range is a function of multiple parameters, not just which antenna is in use.

For instance,

What are you trying to achieve? (e.g.
AP + Antenna --> Client (WLAN hotspot) or
AP + Antenna --> AP + Antenna (aka. Bridge/Mesh)

You specified two Antennas, so I assume Bridge/Mesh... which AP will you use ?

How much Transmit Power do you have ? (e.g. 200 mW or 100mW, 200 going further distance, assuming the far end can also transmit at 200mW aka. symettrical link)

What Antenna Cable type are you using ? (e.g. higher quality = less loss = more distance)

What Antenna Cable length do you have on both sides of the link? (e.g. more = more loss = less distance)

DO you have Other loss(es) in system ? (e.g. LARs)

What frequency are you using ? (e.g. 5GHz freespace path loss is different than 2.4GHz path loss) You specified Dual Band antennas, so there is no 'one' answer on range ;)

If you are doing point to point links with the antennas, IMO there are better options than the two you are mentioning here. I say that as they are both 120 degree antennas.... great for client coverage in two bands... but point to point wise, you shouldn't need 120 degrees, nor typically two frequency bands.

Going with a more focused, single band antenna will boost your gain to the intended target (far end) signficantly.

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