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Chromebooks with Duplicate SSID

Our Chromebooks were unable to connect to the internet through our IAP-105 access points for about a week, but our Windows, Apple, and Android devices all connected okay. The problem appears that we had accidentally created a duplicate SSID in our Chrome Management Counsole, one called PNet and one Pnet (the "N" was uppercase in one), otherwise both network entries had the same (correct) password, both were set to "preferred" and both set to "auto-connect."

Removing one of the two networks appears to have fixed our problem.

I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered a similar situation (or is interested in experimenting!); in particular our Google tech was windering if the different case "N" SSID would have affected connectivity.


Re: Chromebooks with Duplicate SSID

The final resolution appears to related to the SSID being more case-sensitive than ChromeOS. ChromeOS seems to have been trying to connect with both, thrashing between them. In the Chrome Management Counsole we removed the "bad" network (with the mis-spelled SSID) and everything returned to normal. Our SSID is broadcast, but ChromeOS still seemed to try to connect, as if not case-sensitive.

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Re: Chromebooks with Duplicate SSID

SSID's are case sensitive....especially...if you're manually entering them in via a management console.


Logically you would think that ChromeOS would be smart enough not to connect to the non-matching one. I haven't tried adding a duplicate SSID to our Google console, but I have messed up the cases before.

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