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LANSchool setup

Does anyone know how to setup LANschool with a large wireless subnet for the whole district, and separate wired networks based on location?

Our APs are in different AP Groups based on school.

I imagine it would be handled similarly to AppleTV but I haven't found any resources to show me how to set it up.

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Re: LANSchool setup

There is a section in the manual that talks about this sort of issue. If the discovery protocol is similar to Bonjour/Chromecast etc, you may be able to add it to the AirGroup services on the controller (Config>Advanced>AirGroup), however you may need to use a network sniffer to get that information.


There were some other options in the manual that may be worth looking into like the LANschool connection service, but that's something that I would suggest talking to their support about.


I was on page 14 of the manual HERE


Good luck!

--Benjamin Lambert

Network Administrator - Concord School District

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