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The Draft Eligible Services List for FY2018 has been posted

On June 21, 2017, the FCC released the draft eligible services list for the 2018 Funding Year. While there weren't any significant changes, the FCC has reqeusted comments on two specific issues noted below. You can also use this comment period to request the FCC add services to the list (eg Advanced Security, Self-provisioned Network Management, etc), not just comment on the issues they request. 


Here are the issues they requested comment on:


  • Eligibility of on-premises Network Equipment with both Category One and Two functionalities. Under the FY2016 ESL Order, equipment is eligible for Category One support if it is “necessary to make a Category One broadband service functional.” The draft FY2018 ESL adds a note to clarify that on-premises Network Equipment that interfaces with a Category Two-eligible local area network (LAN) is eligible for Category One support if it is necessary to make a Category One broadband service functional. If the price for components that enable the LAN can be isolated from the price of the components that enable the Category One service, those costs should be cost-allocated out of the Category One funding request.
  • The category of service that should apply to inside wiring between different schools or libraries sharing a single building.

The deadline to submit comments to the FCC is July 21, 2017. Remember, you can use this period to submit comments requesting the addition of new services, reinstatement of previously eligible services, or just comment on the overall program. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to have your voice heard. 


If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to email me at 

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