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AP105 as RAP, within internal network.


I'm very new to Aruba and want to setup AP105 as RAP within our inside network.
I have the master controller at our main site, and wants to put AP105 to another site.

Main site and branch is connected via MPLS, which I have no control.
Main Site and branch has a windows server that runs DHCP..
Both have its own router.

I know this is a very easy setup and fairly simple to you guys.. But my aruba experience is limited. Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Remote AP


The ArubaOS 5.0 user guide has detailed information about setting up an access point as a RAP.

The steps involved:

- Creating a VPN Pool on the Controller
- Adding the AP105 to the RAP whitelist
- Provisioning the AP105 as a RAP and pointing it to the controller

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Re: AP105 as RAP, within internal network.

Since this is accross an mpls would he be better off bridging it?
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Re: AP105 as RAP, within internal network.

Assuming the MPLS link is considered secure by the organization, which I'm guessing it is, that may be an option. Usually it shouldn't matter unless you start to see issues, such as packets arriving out of sequence and causing issues, usually where the MPLS connection has painted different packets in the same stream for exceeding QoS limits. If that is not happening, then it's really just a discussion of what you're trying to do at the remote end of the connection, where traffic will flow, and the pro's and con's of the different forwarding modes.

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