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Aruba Rap constantly rebooting

I have a Ap-70 that I am using as a RAP. It was working fine but we had to change ISP's so I changed the Outside AP of the RAP. Ever since then it looks like it comes up in the controller (Says under monitoring anyway) and then it goes down. The messages we get on the AP console are:

Unable to get in_dev on tun0
NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth1: transmit timed out
eth1: Transmit timed out, status 0x000200, resetting...

Any Ideas on where to start?
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RAP comes up, then goes down.

If a RAP comes up then goes down, first make sure you have nothing in the LMS-IP of the AP system profile of that AP-group. Sometimes people deploy RAPs in the same AP-group as regular campus APs. The drawback is that if there is an ip address in the LMS-IP of the AP system-profile, the RAP will be redirected to that address, and be blackholed. The RAP does not attempt to connect to that address through its tunnel, but directly over the internet, so private addresses will lead the AP to be up for a sec, but be redirected.

Make sure that address does not exist, or choose another AP-group for that RAP, where there is NO address.

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Re: Aruba Rap constantly rebooting

Thanks for the advice Cjoseph. We had the RAP in a diffrent group and was hesitate to make any changes because we had other raps working just fine. However, the primary was the private IP and the backup IP was the public. This really worried me as well so we switched them. I also changed the bootstrap frequency just incase maybe the WAN wasn't reliable enough. I made these changes at 4:30 PM EST and it has been up ever since. So I am not sure which one fixed the issue but it seems that it should be fixed now.
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