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Backup SSID / Hotel Mode

Is there a setting to dictate how long the backup SSID is advertised after a RAP has successfully established its tunnel to its LMS? In a recent deployment the backup SSID (being used for hotel mode access) appears visible well after the RAP is up and running; and is accessible.
Systems Engineer, Northeast USA


Which tool are you using to observe the Backup SSID ? Which release?

The BACKUP SSID should actually disappear right before the permanent (primary) SSID begins to be advertised.

I had done some testing under AOS a few weeks back , and the sequence of events was that Backup SSID was torn down, consistently, exactly 5 seconds before the primary SSID began to be advertised.

For my testing I used inSSIDer (great tool!) to measure the presence or absence of the network down to the second. Perhaps you can characterize what you are seeing with the same/similar tool.

Are you using some 3rd party tool like inSSIDer or are you watching the operating system status ? The operating system (e.g. windows XP) can provide only a high level status for networks, and often times in my experience presents networks that are clearly not even possible. e.g. putting my laptop to sleep while at a customer site, coming back to the Aruba office, opening it up... there are the networks still in the list, sometimes even surviving a 'refresh' networks.
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