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ByPass RAP5 is faster


I have question on RAP 5, when i connect my pc to RAP 5 wired port which configure as Bridge mode (No policy,QOS in this mode). Bandwidth test i only can get 300kBps from my broadband. If i bypass RAP 5 i manage get 4mBps from same broadband.

Anyone have similar experiences and solutions can share?
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Re: ByPass RAP5 is faster

Are you running your broadband test outside of your network? Run the same test within your network to eliminate any MTU or packet reassembly issues. In addition, find out if the ethernet port of the RAP5WN negotiated properly with the switch it is plugged into.

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Re: ByPass RAP5 is faster

I have test,your suggest solutions, now i find out another issue i did same test when connect WIFI bandwidth test is faster then wired. I no idea for this issue.
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