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Connecting a RAP-2wg in a motel with a cative portal signon

We just had a user try to get connected to our 3200 WLAN cont from a motel room that users must fist connect to and log in similar to a captive portal.

Is there a configuration type for how to do this. I found something on the knowledge database but it was a little confusing to follow.

Any help would be appreciated

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Re: Connecting a RAP-2wg in a motel with a cative portal signon

A "Hotel Connect" is a RAP that has a bridged SSID that is configured as a "backup" SSID. How it works, is when you bring up the RAP in a hotel, the RAP will get an ip address on the ethernet interface and see that it has no connectivity to the Aruba controller. It will then broadcast a "backup" SSID that will allow you to connect via WPA2-PSK, and get an ip address. You can then open a browser, pay the fee, then encrypted traffic will flow to the Aruba Controller. When that happens, the backup SSID is taken down, then your enterprise SSIDs will come up and allow clients to attach.

Detailed steps on how to configure it is here:

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