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Extending Remote Network AP-70 ENET1


I would like to increase port density off of ENET1.
I would like to attach a cisco 3550 switch off of this interface.

My wired-ap-profile looks like this:
ap wired-ap-profile "RemoteOffice"
switchport access vlan 708

Although the wired-ap-profile sets ENET1 as an access switcport, when I connect a cisco 3550 to it I still recieve 802.1q bpdus. This essentially blocks the port.

If I connect an un-managed switch such as a netgear... everything works as expected.

But I would like to connect a "real" switch to the ap-70... Has anyone run into this issue? Or know of a fix?

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Re: Extending Remote Network AP-70 ENET1

The only way I was able to fix this issue was to disable spanning tree on the cisco switch's vlan and connected ports.

interface fa0/1
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan 70
spanning-tree portfast
conf t
no spanning-tree vlan 70

... oh well.

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