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We are looking to a deployment scenario where we will have 10 remote offices with AP125 working in RAP mode. In this location the AP should provide DHCP service for the users and split tunnel, forwarding only the AUTH traffic to the controller. As far as i know every time I add a VLAN on the controller i have to assign a physical port for every VLAN I need with the IPs to have the DHCP working. It's any way to do that without adding a physical port?

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Re: RAP and DHCP

If the switch that the controller is plugged into supports trunking, then you can set both sides for 802.1q trunking and use only 1 physical port. Just make sure you allow all of the VLANs you want to trunk between the devices in the configuration (by default, ArubaOS will allow them all).

You would still need to create the layer 3 interface(s) and assign IP addresses, unless your switch is doing the routing. In the latter case, you would only need to create the layer-2 VLANs and trunk them over the physical link to the switch.
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