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We have been using the RAP2's with an Avaya 4610SW IP phone for a couple months now. Recently I noticed if the RAP and the phone are both connected or powercycled at the same time the phone comes up first and starts looking for DHCP. Normally when the RAP comes up fully and the tunnel is established DHCP would be given by our DHCP server for the proper VLAN. Recently I noticed the phone gets a 192.168.11.x DHCP address from the RAP just before the green status light is solid. If you power cycle the phone again after the light is solid it gets the correct address. I am told this is normal, has anyone else experienced this?
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RAP DHCP server


When a RAP2 or RAP5 has already been provisioned,when rebooted, and until it contacts the controller it will give out 192.168.11.x addresses to devices on the second port and send that traffic out to the internet on the broadband connection. This allows wired clients to still be able to communicate with the internet, when the AP cannot contact the controller. This would be useful if you are at a hotel and you needed to pay for the portal for internet; you could pay using the wired port, and then the AP would be able to contact the controller and the second port will get it's permanent configuration. You could also still use the internet if the controller at the headend is down.

In the next version of ArubaOS, this functionality is optional and can be shut off.

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Re: RAP2 IP Phone DHCP

Thanks for the response. I also discovered I could stop this behavior by enabling 802.1q trunking on the phone port. I changed the E1 port on the RAP to a trunk as well. This way the E1 port on the RAP will not communicate with the phone until it contacts the controller and the E1 port gets the trunk config.
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