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RAP5 Takes down network

This is the strangest thing that I have encountered. When I bring a RAP5 online, it completely wipes out our entire campus WLAN. I can see our SSIDs but cannot connect to them.

Here's where we started:

We have two RAP AP-System-Profiles that are geared toward the RAP2. One is just a straight RAP setup. The other is set up for Split-Tunnel. Both of these work fine. We are going to deploy a RAP5 so we needed to tweak the setup a little bit. To do this, we made a third RAP ap-system-profile by saving the Split-Tunnel profile as a different profile name.

The only changes that we made with this third profile was to change the native VLAN, and access VLAN on port 1 and then we turned on the additional 3 wired ports.

Any ideas?
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Re: RAP5 Takes down network

You might have to contact support to corral all of the information necessary to figure this out. Is there anything else going on with your wired network at the time?

Can you try disabling the wired ports on the RAP5 and see if this continues to happen? Do you have a switch connected to any of the wired ports of the RAP5 (spanning tree issue)?

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Re: RAP5 Takes down network

As a matter of fact, I do have a switch connected to it. I didn't even think about spanning tree being an issue.

I've put in a case and hopefully this will sort itself out here soon. Thanks for the tip though, I'll take a look into the spanning tree idea. Thanks again.
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Re: RAP5 Takes down network

Turns out, the problem was spanning tree. I am confused on how spanning tree would take out access to the radius server, but it doesn't matter now that all is well and working. Thanks for the tip on STP!
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