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Rap2 setup suggestions


I was wondering if you all would give me your valuable suggestions on the following configuration and what is the best course of action.

I have a MC800 running the campus APs,and I would like to integrate an MC200 to run the new RAP2WGs. Before I start on a trial and error kind of deal, I was wondering if you all would share with me your experience with setting up the RAP2s on a controller dedicated to it since I need to have the RN code running on this 200 controller. I would appreciate any gotchas, and details on configuring the RAP2s for this particular configuration.

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Rap2 setup suggestions

Really the only gotcha is that you'll need to run RN code on the 200 (of mentioned that). You'd run it as its own master...don't
"integrate" it with your 800. Then, since the 200 doesn't have the
TPM, the "One Touch Provisioning" will not work, so you'll need to
configure it like a legacy RemoteAP. Which means, configuring a
username/password and ikepsk in the controller, then connecting the RAP2
to the controller so it comes up as an AP in the list, then you
provision it with the username/password and ikepsk and controller IP
address and then you're good.

Re: Rap2 setup suggestions

The biggest gotcha is that on the 200, you can't use the "one-click provisioning" feature that is part of RN software - the 200 does not contain a Trusted Platform Module chip, and thus can't participate in that feature. You need a 3000 series or M3. Everything else works fine.

I recommend using AirWave to manage both controllers rather than trying to set them up in a master-local configuration.
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Re: Rap2 setup suggestions

pretty much what everyone else said -- have to pre-provision them, which if you are only doing a few isn't any big deal -- and sounds like that is the case since the 200 can't support very many APs

also keep in mind your throughput requirements. I believe the RAP2 is capable of 5 Mbps ipsec encrypted throughput, which is pretty damn good in my opinion considering its size and relative cost, but if you have requirements higher than that, look to the RAP5

I demo'd a RAP 2 at my house (using an MC200) for vpn access to our corporate network and loved it

good luck!

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