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Remote AP bandwidth consumption

Hello everybody,
just a quick question: does anybody know how much traffic in kbps an AP configured as remote AP generates to the controller (and the controller back to the AP)?


RAP Bandwidth consumption -- Varies with Application

The Remote AP will vary in terms of bandwidth consumption based upon configuration.

The minimum 'overhead' traffic can be less than 2kbps per RAP with the newest release of AOS, and with a very bare-bones style configuration.

This bandwidth scales up as additional features and services are turned on. For example, activating one or more networks (SSIDs), activating or deactivating ARM functionality, activating or deactivating WIP, heartbeat configuration etc. Even with these features you are still talking about kbps in terms of scale of overhead on a per-RAP basis.

So net:net, your mileage is going to vary based upon the configuration of the RAP you have in mind.

Hope that helps a bit!
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Blocking broadcasts

How can I block broadcasts to the remote AP? We keep going over the 5GB limit on our 3G cards.
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