Re: Remote office AP-65 resets wireless every couple seconds

I might have misunderstood your comment here, but in addition to checking the uplink to the WAN from the 3560, did you also check the Cisco switch port that connects to the Aruba controller? Is it an accurate assumption that both the WAN uplink and the Aruba controller are connected on the same 3560?

If the problem goes away at sites with local controllers, it sounds like it's something related either to the inter-site fiber connections, or something in the network where the Aruba controller is.

Charlie Clemmer
Aruba Customer Engineering
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The Cisco is our core router/layer 3 switch for the whole district. We then have a Dell layer 3 fiber switch that is the core for the HS that is connected through fiber to the Cisco. The Aruba controller is connected to the Dell.

We are leaning towards the fiber WAN connection because the HS where the controller is has no problem what so ever so I would think it was a network issue where the controller is located then the locate APs would have an issue as well, I would think.