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Shoretel over RAP2WG

I'm trying to connect a shoretel phone to a RAP2WG. I've set up the Shoretel option in the Aruba 3200 DHCP (156) and put the controller VLAN's IP range in the ShoreTel Director. The phone can get its IP from the controller, contact the FTP server based on the option string, and even shows up in the ShoreTel phone list. What doesn't happen is it getting service/dial tone. Does anyone have experience with this? It seems like I'm missing one last step.

Phones over RAP2WG

I would suggest looking at the traffic passing to/from the Phone as a first step to determing what may be missing or stuck. The idea is to see which protocols are going across the link, and which may be getting blocked.

One method to view this is : On the WEBUI, navigate to Clients, and select the phone from the list of clients. The select the STATUS button for this client (the phone). Next, scroll down on the resulting screen and observe the traffic as seen at the controller for the phone under User Firewall State. Notice the right most column... allow or deny. If there are 1 or more protocols or destinations in the deny state that could explain your situation.

A packet capture (and subsequent comparitive analysis) of one of these same phones(HW/SW/Firmware/Config) booting 'behind' a RAP-2 and one that is on your local LAN would be a good comprehensive method to debug as well.
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Re: Shoretel over RAP2WG

I have managed to get the Shoretel Phones to work successfully over the RAP-2WG our case talking via a 620 controller.

It was, in our case, getting its IP from the "Enterprise DHCP".

As an observation I found that if we ran the RAP 2 remotely through a 3G modem/router and the network latencies were ok then there was no issue with dialtone etc. If there were significant delays (as sometimes happens with the high traffic 3G periods) then no dialtone was evident through the phone. As well as that , there was a significant delay in the phones returning dialled digits (as they were entered) it seems that the Shoretel phones do "Everything " in realtime to the SG boxes. this is not an ideal situation when VPNing in a less than perfect environment. Otherwise there was Very little to complain about , as long as the latencies were respectable.


Check that you have a return path for the RTP coming from the core.


Shoretel Ports

Thanks for the feedback on the working Shoretel deployment.

If the Shoretel is configured as SIP you will be wanting to view randomized UDP ports for the RTP payload (as seen in the Monitoring/Clients/Status/Firewall State table mentioned previously).

If, instead, the phones are NOT configured to use SIP, then look for a fixed port UDP 5004 for the Shoretel inband(voice, tones etc) communications.
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Re: Shoretel over RAP2WG

I appreciate the help. I've left it very open, so SIP and RTC would pass through just fine. I did find the culprit, however. In the Wired AP Profile, I had neglected a few settings. One very important one was making it "Trusted". Once I had that configured correctly, it worked.

I knew it was some basic but necessary settings I had missed. Being new to Aruba, I'm finding I do that a lot with the controller.

Thanks again for your help everyone!
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