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Step by step guide for Setting up RAP in OS 5.0.2

Hi Everyone ,

1.Can anyone guide me or has a step by step guide for enabling RAP in my controller with OS 5.0.2

I already have a public ip address translated to the controller with UDP port 4500 open

2. Is there a software Vpn client which i can use instead of access points.
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Re: Step by step guide for Setting up RAP in OS 5.0.2

In the ArubaOS 5.0 user guide there is a chapter on remote access points that tell you how to set this up. You can use a sofware lt2p or pptp vpn client or the Aruba's own VIA client. How to connect a software client is discussed in the "Virtual Private Networks" chapter. How to configure Aruba's VIA VPN client is discussed in the "Virtual Internet Access" chapter.

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Step by step guide for Setting up RAP in OS 5.0.2

1. The Remote Access point (RAP) functionality is outlined quite well
in Chapter 7 of the AOS version 5.0 User Guide (UG) document.

2. We (Aruba) do make a software client called VIA. I would use that
client in parallel to the Remote Access Points (RAPs) rather than a
replacement as such. There are many reasons for this...most of which
you can review with your local SE.
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