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User Role suddenly becomes denyall

Hi All,

We were doing some testing on RAP-2.
I connected my laptop to this 802.1x SSID on AP61, then connected my laptop to other SSID RAP-5.
My client user role changed from "customized role" to a 'Denyall" role.
And this "denyall" role was stuck on my client, even after I disconnected to the SSID.
This "denyall" role could not be disconnect on the Aruba WebUI (monitoring > Clients).

Anyone had this experience before?

After a few hours, another user connected via 802.1x and got this "" authentication error on the IAS, and user authentication failed on Aruba controller.

Solution for "denyall" client:
We withdrawn the "denyall" client by applying blacklisting, and took the client out from blasklisting after that.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Re: User Role suddenly becomes denyall

Can you give us more info about the setup of the VAPs on the AP and RAP? You said it was a different SSID, I assume that means your configuration is different as well, which may be part of the issue. You can also clear the client back to the logon role through monitoring > clients, select the client and choose disconnect.

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Director, Strategic Account Solutions
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Aruba Employee

Re: User Role suddenly becomes denyall

Michael - I've seen the incorrect role being listed with bridge-mode SSIDs on RAPs. In my case, the user did have the correct role, but the controller showed the incorrect one.
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