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containing the local network broadcast


I got 50 stores with Rap5. All store equipements are wired with static ip, 5- 10 equipements per store and Wi-Fi is for Manager Laptop. Some of the wired equipements use broadcast to advertise other of incoming costumer request so the good equiment can take in charge the costumer. I create a large VLan /22 for all the stores and would like to contain the Broacast to that store so it won't be equipements from other store that will respond.

What is better :
In AP configuration/ AP / Ethernet interface / wired profile there is a option Broadcast that can be remove and it will stop forwarding broadcast to this tunnel.


Just create a smaller Vlan for each store like /28, so it limit the broadcast from wired equipement to the VLan. This option may limit me in adding more devices to the store.

Thank you
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Re: containing the local network broadcast

I use broadcast-multicast optimization for this. You can have as many sites as you want in a large subnet, but broadcasts from one site will not be sent to other sites in that same vlan.

interface vlan 100 (this is the vlan the RAP's wifi and wired ports are in on the controller)

FYI, I believe if you turn broadcast off on the AP wired port profile, broadcasts will be stopped at that port and not be heard by other wired clients at that site.
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