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Aruba Joins Retail Broadband Alliance

National Retail Federation Big Show, New York City, NY., January 15, 2007 - Aruba Networks, the Mobile Edge Company, today announced that it has joined the Retail Broadband Alliance, an industry consortium that helps retail businesses use broadband networks to increase revenue, cut expenses, and improve customer experience. Aruba Networks provides retailers with secure and reliable wireless solutions for in-store and warehouse/logistics applications such as inventory management, point-of-sale, customer kiosks, Internet access, voice and location tracking, among others.
As a member of the Retail Broadband Alliance, Aruba plans to collaborate with other vendors specializing in this market to provide complete, secure broadband implementations free from the physical constraints of wired networks. By eliminating the need to run network and phone cabling throughout retail facilities, retailers can save on the cost of the infrastructure and installation, as well as ongoing maintenance. More significantly, enabling mobility for current and new applications can improve operational efficiencies, improve customer experiences and provide the basis for competitive advantage. Furthermore, Aruba's Mobile Edge Architecture is designed to provide protection against wireless network intrusions as one component of its overall security capabilities.
"Aruba is committed to providing products and technology specifically suited to the retail industry's requirements," said Manav Khurana, retail product marketing manager for Aruba. "We look forward to working with other Retail Broadband Alliance members to provide comprehensive, secure solutions for enabling retail mobility applications."
New Edge Networks formed the Retail Broadband Alliance in 2004. The Retail Broadband Alliance brings together companies that represent products and services used in the entire retail sales supply chain for data networks. The Retail Broadband Alliance now includes more than 230 companies. Retail merchants pick and choose the providers they want.
"A lot of customers are seeking the benefits of mobility and wireless networking," said Paul Salzinger, director of business development for New Edge Networks. "New Edge Networks welcomes Aruba into the growing Retail Broadband Alliance as a provider of in-store wireless access and security, and another trusted choice for merchants turning to the Retail Broadband Alliance for support in migrating to broadband and maximizing its value."
Working together, Retail Broadband Alliance member companies develop awareness programs that help both merchants and other member companies learn of new certified solutions and technology options.
About Retail Broadband Alliance
The Retail Broadband Alliance is a communications industry consortium that makes it simple for merchants to migrate and increase value from their broadband networks. It brings together more than 230 companies that provide products and services used in the retail supply chain for high-speed data networks. Through joint marketing and educational programs, the Retail Broadband Alliance helps increase awareness of viable broadband-ready solutions and new offerings that increase revenue, cut expenses, and improve customer experience for retail merchants. New Edge Networks, which provides broadband networks to 100 percent of business addresses in the United States, formed the Retail Broadband Alliance in November 2004. New Edge Networks is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EarthLink Inc. (NASDAQ: ELNK). Information about the Retail Broadband Alliance and membership is available at
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