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802.1x guest vlan


We are forced to use peap/ms-chap for an alcatel wireless voip phones.
Also we chose eap-ttls for our linux users. But we also need a method for
our guests to connect.

So the idea is to configure the radius server to accept peap/ms-chap but
if it fails accept eap-ttls as a secondary option.

I am wondering if there is any method for our guest users (wich will be
given a temporal login and password) to connect using the same ssid
that is wpa2-enterprise.

Maybe something like the 802.1x guest vlan that some switches have, where in case of the supplicant not being able to authenticate througt 802.1x the port is opened but is attached to a guest vlan.

Any Ideas? The goal is to have one ssid with wpa2-enterprise
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question reforumulation

Anybody knows a wpa2-enterprise 802.1x authentication method which not requires to install on the client computer any certificate?

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