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Captive Portal Mac address filtering

Hi, is there a method such that I can block certain mac address from connecting to a ssid or captive portal?

I have clients that are using 802.1x givin one vap,but they choose to disconnect and connect to the captive portal (ldap) which has less restrictions regarding web content.

thx jason
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Check out these posts.

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captive protal filtering

Hi, our authenticated ssid is pushed down by GPO. The laptops, not logged in with the pushed down settings will connect as authenticated computers to the wireless network. When a user logs on , the role changes and they get authenticated user access.

What happens sometimes is that a user will see a ssid and connect to it. After they are done they will log off and the laptop will wait for the next user.

When the next user tries to logon they cannot. The laptop was disconnectded from the authenticated wireless network by the previous user. Therefore, the laptop could not connect to the network before the (un cached) user logs in.
If the user was cached on the laptop, the requirement for both 'machine/user' authenication would not be fulfilld and the user would get a restrictive role.

Anyway, I just need a simple way of blocking macs from certian ssid's (dlink/linksys) as I recall was a possiblity. With windows7 you can prevent ssid in GPO, but this is not the case with xp or vista.

Thank you,
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