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IDS messages

I am getting lots of IDS messages in the controllers as well as in Airwave. (see below) Is there a way of keeping these messages from filling up all the logs and what exactly could be the security issue with these IDS messages considering its Low?

Low Policy Compliance Issue AP HT Greenfield support HT Greenfield support - C0:3F:0E:D0:7E:E6 - 2/8/2011 11:11 AM edaap811-Room-824S 802.11bg 90MoreController1 dd-wrt

Low Policy Compliance Issue AP or Client HT 40MHz Intolerance HT 40MHz Intolerance - 00:25:BC:8A:0C:75 - 2/8/2011 11:11 AM ldaap22-Just-outside-Hights-Room 802.11bg
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Re: IDS messages

The user guide has a portion on "Infrastructure Intrusion Detection" and it details what traps are sent, why and what you can do to turn them off. Please review that section in the ArubaOS 6.0 user guide.

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