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Isolating Guest Vlans

Hi All,

I need to deny all intranet traffic and only allow webbrowsing for the guest Wlan .How can i achieve this ??

I dont have a PEF liscence

The OS is 5.2 3600 controllers

Thanks in advance
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Re: Isolating Guest Vlans

Without the PEF license, you can't create new user roles. Since you can't create new user roles, you can't control guest traffic utilizing only the controller. You would have to put the guests in a VLAN that had an ACL on the upstream router/firewall to control traffic.

Your best option would be to purchase the PEF-NG license for the number of APs you own and create a role for guests the only allowed DHCP, DNS and HTTP (and possibly HTTPS if you want to allow it).
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Re: Isolating Guest Vlans


Is there a way i can place an acl in the aruba controller itself without having PEF firewall liscence ?
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Re: Isolating Guest Vlans

No. It is the firewall license that allows you to create ACLs...

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