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Jamming Prevention

Hi All,

Now, new Cisco AP (Cisco Aironet 1130) can do jamming as well as Aruba did.

We did a test in lab using Cisco 1130 and do jamming for Aruba's AP and it did work.
Is there a way to prevent jamming from Cisco's AP to Aruba's AP?

In ids unauthorized-device-profile setting, I've tried to protect and define my valid-and-protected-ssid to prevent this issue. But it did't help, maybe one of you have similar experience like this mind to share :)

Thanks for sharing!
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Re: Jamming Prevention

Not sure what you mean by Jamming, but please contact TAC to ensure that the technical requirements of your test are met.

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Re: Jamming Prevention

I mean when Cisco do Jamming to Aruba. Aruba's wireless user who connect to SSID were interference and ping result were interrupted.
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