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WPA2-Enterprise via Windows XP

I currently have less than a year of wireless experience and any help would be great.

I'm doing an evaluation of your equipment with a setup of an Aruba 800 Controller with two AP-61s and an AP-70. This is currently set to WPA2-enterprise though my Radius Server for authentication.

I have two Windows 7 Professional PCs which work perfectly, I connect and it asks for a username and password and authenticates. My windows XP laptop however is having trouble. I have the Juniper Odyssey client software loaded with my username and password in the profile and all it does is spin at "waiting to authenticate:

If anyone could give me some pointers and/or steps for WPA2-enterprise security for Windows XP clients that would be great.

please post if you have any answers or questions.
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Odyssey Client

Do the other devices (Windows 7 pcs) have the Odyssey Client as well? Have you tried the Windows XP client without the Odyssey Client? That might simplify things.

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Re: WPA2-Enterprise via Windows XP

I've attached the WPA2-enterprise (AES) PEAP client config screen cap.
I hope that can help your win 7 clients.

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Re: WPA2-Enterprise via Windows XP

In OAC, you can test by disabling server cert checking. However, would need a better description of the failure you see on the OAC client. what does the RADIUS server say? On the controller, when you run a 'show auth-tracebuf | inclue ', what is the output seen?

OAC has alot of knobs and buttons, if you can screenshot the network settings and authentication settings pages, etc if you can.

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