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Wips-wids-info and configuration


I was wondering if anyone has any Best Practice documentation on configuring WIDS/WIPS. I have the User Guide, but that does not have enough information for me. :D I need real life type of configuration parameters, and details. I appreciate any assistance.


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IDS/IPS Configuration


The ArubaOS 3.4 user guide makes it very clear what each option in WIDS is for. There are many applications for IDS/IPS and not many people want to discuss or describe exactly what they are doing. There are some attacks that are attempted, but mostly dealt with by using strong encryption, policy-based firewalling, so it is not worth reporting those attacks, because they fail. There are other attacks, like IP spoofing on an unencrypted SSID, where you DO want that attack reported. The short answer is that your IDS/IPS that you put in place must match your needs and deal with what you are really concerned about. The whitepaper here: discusses some approaches that you can take to deal with some common wifi threats.

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