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New Contributor refuse to connect when guest tries to connect with public WiFi



I'm trying to setup wireless network for guests on Cisco 2504 WLC and I want to use captive portal on ClearPass with External web-authentication. Right now user is able to connect to guest network; request is redirected to captive portal where user can put login details. After registration, user sign in successfully but then it redirected to (WLC Virtual IP) and it gives refuse to connect error message.


Can someone help me with this why it is giving this error?

Thank you so much,



Re: refuse to connect when guest tries to connect with public WiFi

That IP is a virtual interface and used to be default for the Cisco WLC webauthentication, but not necessarily so.. Is it a brand new Cisco WLC then it might be Try changing to that IP in your weblogin page on Clearpass.


If thats not it, then - do you have any more information to us?


Anothing thing to consider is to go the route of doing MAB webauth. That way the Clearpass server will use Radius CoA to change the acl of the client to authenticated instead of the client accessing the WLC directly.



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