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404 Error Page not Found on Captive Portal page after Clearpass 6.8 upgrade

Finished upgrading Clearpass 6.6.10 to 6.8 for a customer and after the upgrade users were receiving a "404 Error Page not found" when accessing captive portal guest self-registration page. We could not even edit the self-registration page in Clearpass Guest nor could we launch the page from the editor. What we ended up doing to get the captive portal back online was to make a duplicate of the original self-registration page and configuring the L3 Captive Portal authentication configuration to point to the new self-registration page name.


My question is has anyone come across this issue and or is there a way to fix this? The duplicated self-registration page has the original self-registration page as its parent. So we may end up creating a new self-registration page with the settings from the original page, deleting the duplicate and parent pages and renaming the new self-registration page to the original name.


The customer is using a 7030 controller running 6.5.x code with Clearpass being upgraded from 6.6.10 to 6.8.

The self-registration page was customized with customer specific photos and it was using the Galleria 1 Skin plug-in. 


In my lab I upgraded my Clearpass server from 6.6 to 6.8 and had no problems with any of my self-registration pages. I have about four of them that I use for testing and with two of them customized using the Galleria skins.




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Re: 404 Error Page not Found on Captive Portal page after Clearpass 6.8 upgrade



We have not seen any customer reported this issue, post the 6.8.x upgrade, we also have upgraded our lab Clearpass to 6.8.x not seen this issue, i am not sure, if this has to do with Galleria skin feature we added, The exerpt from the Clearpass release notes of 6.8.x below:


 New 6.8 installations of ClearPass Guest will now use the Galleria skin by default instead of the ClearPass Guest skin for guest-facing pages. The Galleria skin will be applied to web login pages, web pages, self-registration pages, and Onboard provisioning pages. If a custom skin was previously installed and enabled as the default skin, then the default behavior of using that skin will still apply. As part of this feature, this release includes the 2019 update to the Galleria Skin, which was originally bundled with ClearPass Guest in 2014. With this update, administrators can customize background photos with transitions, animated CSS gradients, web-friendly background videos, and more. This free skin plugin also makes it easier to edit items such as logos, fonts, and colors. Please note that existing Galleria Version 1 configurations are still available in the Galleria Skin > Configuration > Theme drop-down list. Users are encouraged to upgrade to Version 2 for a modern captive portal experience. (CP‑30987, CP‑31415)
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Re: 404 Error Page not Found on Captive Portal page after Clearpass 6.8 upgrade

To confirm if you go to the self-reg list, select the original entry, and click Launch it gives a file not found?  Could you re-save it?  the system does serve up files differently as of 6.7, but I have never seen a problem from an upgrade.  


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Re: 404 Error Page not Found on Captive Portal page after Clearpass 6.8 upgrade

Yes when I go to the self-reg list and select the original entry when I click on Launch or Launch Login it gives me the 404 not found error. I can't even edit the page as when I click edit the whole browser page refreshes and nothing happens so i can't re-save it. Because I can't edit the page I can't change the skin to see if that's what causing the problem. But then again the duplicate that I made from the original does work without any changes to the original settings within the page.


Thank you for the responses....much appreciated.

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