New Contributor upgrade issues

We updated to and seem to be having an issue with Firefox not loading the login page for our guest network.

Chrome & IE seem to work OK.

Even though it will not bring up the login page I can still ping out and get an IP address. I just cannot load any web pages and never get the page for authenication.

Aruba Employee

Re: upgrade issues

Sounds like OCSP problems.  Try turning off OCSP on your browser and see if it works.


You can allow the OCSP IP address through the pre-login role and that should resolve the issue as well.


Search Airheads for OCSP and you will find more info.

New Contributor

Re: upgrade issues

Thank you that worked great, I wish we didn't have to disable a security feature like that but it was necessary.

Aruba Employee

Re: upgrade issues

You can always add ACLs to the pre-login role that allow http to the OCSP provider(s).  That way, you don't have to disable OCSP completely.


Glad it's working better.

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