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6.6.9 > 6.7 Question

As it is end of support for 6.6.x


I have 6.6.9 cluster on windows hyper-v servers.  I installed publisher/subscriber on 1TB virtual disks as the instructions indicate.  I believe it was partitioned into two 500GB partitions when installed?


Will 6.7 install onto the inactive 500GB partition and leave the 6.6.9 on the other 500 GB partition in case of a need for rollback?


That is the bit that I am unclear on.  The upgrade requirements seem to indicate a 1TB disk, so hoping that the disks I have are ready to go.



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Re: 6.6.9 > 6.7 Question

The requirements state the total size of the data disk (that you need to add in addition to the smaller boot disk) and indeed contains two partitions. Looks like you are ready to go.


During the upgrade, the data will be migrated/copied to the other partition, which indeed allows a rollback to the release that was running when you did the major upgrade.

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Re: 6.6.9 > 6.7 Question

Thanks I am checking everything is in place before we start!


Two other points of interest with hyper V installations I have seen:


Deleting legacy nics and reinstalling non legacy ones (hoping not to do this as I did it on the current install already due to IP loss on reboot)


Not using the cluster upgrade tool but running upgrade on publisher first and then subscriber.



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