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8.6 migration with custom captive portals

looks like Aruba doesn't support migration tool any more. The tool is still available for older releases like 8.4 and 8.5, but not 8.6. The latest release with migration tool option was


I am migrating a standalone controller with 6 custom captive portals  from 6.5 to 8.6. Which approach is recommended:


1- Migrate to using the tool, then upgrade to the latest 8.6. Is migration tool still supported by Aruba for and earlier releases? 


2- start from scratch and upload custom captive portals again. In this case, is it enough to restore the flash or I'll need to upload the pages along with images one by one and build custom pages again?


Thank you


Re: 8.6 migration with custom captive portals

Candidly, going from AOS6.x to 8.6 is such a big jump, I would start from scratch on the config. Grab a flashbackup prior to starting the upgrade. The flash backup won't be restored to the system after upgrade, but you will be able to grab the captive portal files and re-upload to the controller post-upgrade.

Charlie Clemmer
Aruba Customer Engineering
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Re: 8.6 migration with custom captive portals

I did this manually. This was a standalone controller and I had two comments:


1- Same licenses worked after upgrade. No license upgrade or migration was required. I entered the same licenses again.


2- Custom CPs where intact during this process and it was enough to enter the same cp aaa proflies again to get all custom CPs working. 


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