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802.1X EAP-TLS with Mitel VoIP

Hi all,


I am trying to help a customer in getting their Mitel 6900 Series VoIP phones move to 802.1X using EAP-TLS. While CPPM part in configuring service and the rest is under control, I was wondering if anyone has dealt with this in real life deployment, as I would like to know:


a) where from did you push certs on phones (Mitel Admin Guide is mentioning "The phone downloads certificates using the URLs provided in startup.cfg file" without saying which server URL is pointing to)

b) how is the solution incorporated with AD/CPPM


I am sure there is a nice document somewhere explaining all of this, but I cannot find it :-). Thanks. 

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Re: 802.1X EAP-TLS with Mitel VoIP

Dear NesM, dear Airhead-Community,


not exactly thew same question, but I think my questions fits the context.


We are planning to update our wireless infrastrsucture and thought about switching to HP Aruba 300 series.

One of our top questions - that hasn´t been answered by our HP partner yet - is about the quality of VoIP sing HP Aruba AccessPoints.


We too have a Mitel System and were hoping to use the smartphone app (softphone) after upgrading our infrstructure.

Currently we are facing massive problems espacially regarding the handover from one AP to another one.


Anybody here havon experiences with this, doens´t even have to be a Mitel System, just in general "VoIp over WLAN with Handovers".


Thanks in Advance.

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