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802.1X with CPMM for HPE switches

I got Clearpass which is authenticating login for switches and lan-access for users with 802.1x.

I got 2 issues. The first is that when I authenticate my login to the switch, the users is allowed on Clearpass but not on my switch. So I do not get any access to it.

The second is when I try to authenticate machine with 802.1x Wired on my 5130 switch. I got an error on Clearpass which says that there is a timeout.

See the error in attachment


Thank you for your help,



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Re: 802.1X with CPMM for HPE switches

For the timeout the likely issue is that the client does no trust the certificate that is installed on the ClearPass for RADIUS. Did you install a custom certifiate on ClearPass, or are you using the default self signed?


On the client machine do you get a certificate warning, or have you selected the option to now allow users to bypass an invalid certificate?

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Re: 802.1X with CPMM for HPE switches

No I did not install a certificate on Clearpass.

On the client, I do not trust server certificate.

The same configuration is working on Wifi but not on Wired connection.

I am going to try to install a certificate approved by AD.


For the connection on my switch (HPE 5130). Do you have any idea?

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