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AD Login at Self Registration with sponsor?

Hi all


I have a customer who wants to implement a BYOD lite network where he wants:


Guests to 'self register' through a captive portal using their AD credentials

They also need a sponsor, probably someone within the organisation who has the right to sponsor

MAC Caching for 30 days for that device once registered.


I can't see how to do this, if its even possible. If they self reg, they are issued a new passsword and are really setup as a guest. If I take them straight to a login page, I cant add in a sponsor request and initiate the whole sponsoring.


Any ideas?



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Re: AD Login at Self Registration with sponsor?


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Re: AD Login at Self Registration with sponsor?

i don't quite get what part doesn't work? an extensive example can be found here:


perhaps it can be adapted to your situation?


if not where exactly does it break?

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Re: AD Login at Self Registration with sponsor?

It doesn't break. I think I was trying to do something that is not possible. We wanted users to 'self-register' but use their AD credentials as the username and password and for someone to confirm that they can access the network. So essentially, BYOD with sponsorship. Due to the fact that sponsored registration creates a guest account, I don't think its possible.


Either way, I managed to get the customer to agree to doing self reg with sponsorship and mac caching and they were happy with that.



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