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AMON Profile on Controller for IntroSpect

I was looking at configuring AMON connection to IntroSpect from my Aruba Controller.  I have a few questions

1. Is there a recomended AMON Profile setting ?  What knobs should we enable?

2. What is the correct Management Server type - I have AOS 6.5 which has AMP, ALE, and Central?

3. What is the Minimum AOS code level on the controller that supports AMON to IntroSpect?





Kelly K

Re: AMON Profile on Controller for IntroSpect


You should reach out to you local Security CSE. If you not sure who it is send me a direct message with your contact info and Ill find out for you.
Thank You,

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Aruba Employee

Re: AMON Profile on Controller for IntroSpect

Hi Kelly,


There is no pre-defined profile for IntroSpect yet.  So you would need to set on up. The only AMON feed you need are FW sessions and DNS stats:



config t
mgmt-server profile introspect
  no inline-ap-stats 
  no inline-auth-stats 
  no inline-dhcp-stats 
mgmt-server type amp primary-server <PP_IP>  profile introspect

A default introspect profile will be added in AOS in the future.


All recent (within last couple of years) of AOS should support this.  The AMON feed has not changed much.

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