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Ability to automatically recover a failed CPPM publisher when backup publisher is in operation

Hi All,

have raised an idea via ideas portal for the following. Please vote if this helps you!


When a ClearPass Publisher fails and a Standby Publisher is configured, it is brought into service and synchronises with all subscribers. If the failed node recovers, it will be out of sync and must be dropped from cluster, have it's database reset and then have it rejoin the cluster. 

During this process all configuration references to the failed publisher appear to be removed (as they are now invalid given the node no longer exists). When the node is rebuilt and rejoined to the cluster, these configuratoin elements aren't automatically recovered and must be reinstalled manully or through configuration backup.

I would like the ability to have a failed publisher recover, automatically sync and then become the backup / standby publisher without admin interaction or configuration changes taking place. 

this would give a more resilient and more consistent process for recovery.




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