Access Tracker and Login TIMEOUT




CPPM is running under VMWare.

Cluster: 2 CPPM in different physical locations.

2 controllers that operate independently.


I recently noticed that our Subscriber CPPM is showing a large number of TIMEOUT's under the "Login Status".

The Publisher is not having any issues.

I was thinking perhaps it could be something with our VMWare so I checked to see if the servers or iSCSI were having issues and everything looks good.


My next thought is that it could be something with the controller.

I tried looking at the command 'show auth-tracebuf' but I didn't really see anything out of the ordinary, although I am not really sure what I am looking for.


I was just curious where I should start with this issue. Is there anything from the CPPM side that could be causing this? Or should I be focusing on the controller?


Thank you,




Re: Access Tracker and Login TIMEOUT

This issue has been resolved.


It ended up being something incredibly dumb... on my part.


We had a stale LDAP server as part of our list of LDAP servers to search through for user authentication. This stale server was the first one in the list and because it was unreachable it was causing an increase in the authentication process which was leading to the EAP transactions timing out.


Now that we have removed this stale LDAP server we are no longer seeing insane numbers of timeouts.



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